Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mission Log 213

Commando Pando reporting in. Well things have been a tad crazy here. It seems as if General Mama and Major Dad have been logging more human hours at some place called work. They also have been caring for Private Merlin. He is of the Guinea Pig Division. He seems to be recuperating so General Mama has been able to take us on a few training missions.

This Private Chibi is not so bad. I have been able to work with him and he is a good guy. Now the thing is that Private Dallas and Private Teresa have been disagreeing alot. General Mama has had to seperate them alot. There is talk of taking her out of our unit. She is the one that is having the biggest issues.

We can only wait and see. I think that Private Chibi and I may stay together one way or another. We may have to promote him.

Commando Pando