Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mission Log 213

Commando Pando reporting in. Well things have been a tad crazy here. It seems as if General Mama and Major Dad have been logging more human hours at some place called work. They also have been caring for Private Merlin. He is of the Guinea Pig Division. He seems to be recuperating so General Mama has been able to take us on a few training missions.

This Private Chibi is not so bad. I have been able to work with him and he is a good guy. Now the thing is that Private Dallas and Private Teresa have been disagreeing alot. General Mama has had to seperate them alot. There is talk of taking her out of our unit. She is the one that is having the biggest issues.

We can only wait and see. I think that Private Chibi and I may stay together one way or another. We may have to promote him.

Commando Pando

Friday, March 28, 2008

Help Fight Bunny Discrimination!!

General Mama asked me to post this!

A new very well-funded start-up,, is really making a lot of noise in the pet world, especially with a ‘Shelter Makeover Contest’ that promises a MILLION DOLLAR makeover to a winning shelter and prizes of $5000 each to 19 runner-ups!

Unfortunately, not only are rabbits drastically under-represented, it appears they’re being intentionally discriminated against. There’s only one rabbit rescue in the running – Midwest Rabbit Rescue in Michigan. Midwest, after much effort, is currently sitting at #16. They have a shot at winning.

But it seems that some Zootoo members don’t consider rabbits legitimate pets and they’re ‘flagging’ tons of posts that earn the rescue points and posting rude comments (referring to rabbit meat and dog training tools, etc). Midwest is dropping in the standings. In just one day Midwest volunteers saw their standing drop from #12 to #17 because of unexplained deletions of their points.

(Insult to injury, the company itself features cats, dogs, horses, reptiles and birds on their home page, but no rabbits).

We REALLY need to raise awareness for our little friends, particularly on sites like Zootoo. Awareness means better vet care, more products, more adoptions, more donations.. the list goes on.

The best way to get their attention is to join the site with Midwest as your sponsor (that’s worth 200 points to them) and then do what you can (product reviews, news comments, etc) to continue earning points for the rescue.

To sign up at (and don’t worry, they don’t spam their members or anything), use the referral site:

If you register with the Midwest zipcode (48170), you can also sign up as a volunteer (another 100 points).

Only one person can sign up per email address, but you can have your whole family join as long as they have different email addresses. It’s only open to US residents, so you must list a US location.

All effort will be appreciated by the thousands of bunnies that go through the tiny, cramped warehouse space That Midwest calls home. (It doesn’t even have a bathroom!)

Rabbits must rule!! More info at Midwest's site...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mission 212

Commando Pando reporting in. What is this!?!?!? Now she has this pipsqueak she is trying to add to our ranks. Ok seriously what is General Mama thinking!? Her and Major Dufus...I mean Major Dad have chosen to try and add this little punk Private Noah Chibi Ash.

They are holding off on Private Wyatt, good because I am not liking the twerp. Who does he think he is trying to get me to do anything. NO ONE DOES THAT!

This new guy is not so bad. He seems to have helped General Mama cheer up so I think I will keep that in mind during this training.

We have had three training sessions so far. All good so far. We will have to wait and see what comes next.

Commando Pando

Friday, February 1, 2008

Mission 211

Comand0 Pando reporting in. We went out on recon yesterday. I climbed to the highest point and took a flying leap down to the others side when I saw that they had discovered a stash of crasins.

I had to inspect them and make sure they were safe for eatting. Dey Passed but Private Dallas ate most of them. I swear if we left the food to him we would have notin left. He is the pig in the bunch.

I heard Mama was going to work in some "bonding time". Not sure I like that.

Commando Pando

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mission 210

This is Comando Pando reporting in. General Mama has informed us that she would like us to to take on a new team member. I am not sure how this will go. She tried to add that pretty boy who calls himself the King and we all know how that turned out.

This new guy Private Wyatt Holiday Earp is supposedly a master of disguise. I think he is just funny looking. Who knows if he will join are team. Time will tell. I did smack him around a bit. Well I have to go time to replenish our food supply.

Commando Pando